Service – Tile Substitute

A Durable, Affordable, Lightweight Alternative to Traditional Roof Tiles

If you are considering the many benefits of lightweight roofing using tile substitutes then Alpha’s skilled and experienced roofing experts can attend your site to advise on a number of solutions. We can replace existing slated or tiled roofs, or construct new roofs, with lightweight striptiles to various colour and profile finishes using 40 year BBA agreement certificated products in compliance with building and planning control requirements.

As you will be well aware, your roof is fundamentally the most important part of your building whether it be a commercial building, an industrial unit, an educational building or housing. As a building owner you will want to make sure that your roof is covered with the highest quality materials, and although traditional roofing tiles are still the most popular covering, lightweight tile substitutes are fast becoming the preferred choice for a number of industrial, educational and commercial building owners due to their cost-effective, durability, eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing features.

Benefits of Lightweight Roofing Using Tile Substitutes

Lightweight metal roof tiles are becoming more prominent in the construction industry for a number of reasons, most notably for their cost-effectiveness and the wide range of finishing choices available.

  • The tiles are not only easier to install than traditional slate tiles but can also offer a higher level of resistance against weather damage, fire and intrusion.
  • Not only may the install be more affordable but also the costs of maintenance throughout the life of your building will be much lower.
  • The lightweight nature of the tiles means that less pressure is put on the structure and therefore the lifespan of your building could be enhanced

Designed to mimic the appearance of traditional roof tiles, galvanised lightweight steel roof tiles can come in a wide variety of styles and appearances. So whether you want a traditional slate effect or a clay or concrete look there will no doubt be a finish that is perfect for your requirements.
So if you’re looking for a cost effective, super resilient alternative to traditional roof tiling then contact us today for advice and a quotation for transforming your building.

Tile Substitute Services

  • Replacement of Traditional Roof Tiles with Lightweight Galvanised Steel Tile Substitutes
  • Top Quality Products from Approved Manufacturers
  • Offering High Affordability & Low Maintenance Costs
  • Providing a Durable, Weather & Fire Resistant Solution
  • Budget Preparation & Site Surveys Available

Alpha Roofing use 40 year BBA agreement certificated lightweight roofing products in compliance with building and planning control requirements.